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Sodium Nitrate, Prill Form

Sold in One Pound Bag

Used as a yellow color agent and as an oxidizer. Sodium Nitrate in prill form needs to be milled before use.

Sold by the pound.

Although they are NOT interchangeable with Sodium Nitrate, other yellow coloring agents are cryolite, sodium oxalate, sodium bicarbonate and sodium benzoate.

(Nitratine; nitric acid, sodium salt; sodium saltpeter) [NaNO3] White beads, granules, or flakes.

Prilled nitrate is sometimes preferred by fireworks makers because it remains free flowing in storage, and is priced far less then it's air-milled counterpart. It's the most economical option for pyros who don't mind a quick, easy pre-processing step before use.

Shimizu Yellow Star:

Potassium Perchlorate68%
Red Gum18%
Sodium Nitrate7%


Part # CH5531

Sodium Nitrate, Prill Form

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