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Hexolit 32 Expanding 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells.

5 Shotgun Shells per Box.

D Dupleks Broadhead Hexolit 32 Expanding Steel Slug 12 Gauge 2.75 Inch Shells 5 Rounds per Box.


Made in Europe.

Slug weight: 32.0 g / 495 gr / 1 ⅛ oz
Muzzle velocity: 425 m/s / 1400 fps
Muzzle energy: 2890 J / 2130 fp

Powerful stopping impact

Unique expansion effect

Increased impact area by fragmentation

Expanding slug Hexolit is designed for big game hunting, providing fast energy transfer with increased diameter forepart of the slug. It creates a powerful shockwave that stops the vital functions of game animal. Slug expands immediately afer hitting the body, providing large entrance holes and massive bloodtracks. Fragmenting Hexolit 32 slug provides also unique combined stopping impact with 6 splinters.

Characteristics -

  • Non-toxic steel and polyethylene construction

  • Hollow-point ogive with 6 break-away petals for controlled expansion

  • Maximum energy transfer from 7 separate wound channels

  • Solid slug body for deep penetration into vital organs

  • Waisted slug body for provides aerodynamic self-stabilization

  • Slug suitable for both smoothbore and rifled barrels

  • Safe for all chokes

  • Polyethylene bearing surfaces reduce bore friction

  • Reduced possibility of over-penetration

  • No lead or plastic fouling


Sorry, all prices are subject to change depending on availability and manufacturer increases.

Any questions about use or to place an order, please contact us -
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Hexolit 32 Expanding 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells

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