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  • Havoc, New Gen 2, 12-Inch, M203 Launcher for mounting to an AR15; AR10; and AK47. Latest design, latest gneration.

    Requires a Picatinny Rail mounting piece, sold separately and can be added to order.

    These mount under the barrel. A 16 Inch rifle barrel or longer is required for a 12-Inch launcher. Shorter barrels (less than 16 inches) should mount the 9-inch version.

    Important: Havoc standard military design and M203 style 9-inch and 12-inch launchers made by Spikes Tactical have a maximum throat clearance of a 5.75 inch 37mm round.

    Accepts 12 Gauge and 26.5mm Coast Guard Flare Inserts, sold separately

    If using a larger, longer 37mm round, the side loading type must be used.

    Warning: The 22LR BeeHive cannot be fired from any Havoc made launcher.

    Befoe ordering, please make sure of any state or local restrictions on ownership or use.

    No paperwork required by the ATF. Classified as 'OTHER.'

    Varirty of 37mm Rounds avaialble, most in stock, sold separately.

    Description -

    The ST 12 Inch Flare Launcher features the latest in design and manufacturing technology. Parts are CAD designed and CNC machined from solid billet material rather than the typical stamped and welded construction of other launchers. The 6061 and 7075 aircraft grade aluminum components are anodized in Type III Hardcoat black for maximum durability and ease of maintenance.

    Additional components are built from 1018 cold rolled steel and plated with a Mil-spec black oxide finish. The proprietary STZ push button cylindrical breech lock design is 3 times stronger than existing lever lock systems. The Havoc is designed to mount on any Mil-Spec rail system. Installation simply requires sliding the launcher onto the bottom rail of the hand guard and tightening two set screws which are included.


    Slide Forward Breach Loading Design

    Push Button Breach Lock

    One-piece Tube & Grip

    Supports 5 3/4 Inch USCG Munitions

    Compatible with 7 Inch and longer rail systems

    Weight: 2 Pounds, 15 Ounces

    Ships to your home.

    Cannot ship to a P.O. Box or Business.

    No tax on out of state sales.

    Sales tax included with Arizona purchase.

    This item has been thoroughly tested and evaluated by Everything 37mm and Extoic.


    1) Always check the Launcher Throat to make sure the ammo round fits.
    2) Never force any ammo round into the Launcher Tube.
    3) Alway make sure the Launcher closes before use.
    4) Most Launcher Ammo Rounds are made to Fire at a 45 Degree Angle.


    Sorry, all prices are subject to change depending on availability and manufacturer increases.

    Any questions about use or to place an order, please contact us -
    Everything 37mm and Exotic
    Phone: 480 955 9130

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    Havoc, Gen 2, 12-Inch, M203 Launcher

    $399.00 Regular Price
    $390.00Sale Price
    • Sorry, all sales are final. Contact manufacturer warranty department for repairs or issues.

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