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Hand Held Water Gun.

So much fun.

Can be used for para military style war games.

Non Lethal.

Operates on a battery.

Great for chasing animals from your yard.

Legal everywhere.

Ships directly to your home.

Sorry no shipmemnts to P.O. Boxes or a Business.

Description -

  • With a full tank you can fire 22 pressurized individual water blasts at your opponents. These blasts have a power and precision never seen before in a water gun.
  • The SpyraThree brings an integrated automated pump. Just dip the front of the blaster into a source of clean water and you are full and good to go in 10 seconds.
  • One look at the tactical display and the SpyraThree shows you all you need to know for your next move - the tank filling, the battery status and the preloaded blasts. 
  • Freestyle Summer Fun - Just fire away as you like. Every time you pull the trigger, a powerful water blast will be released. Now go out there and don't forget to be awesome. 
  • Trigger-Happy Madness - Fire 3 super fast, consecutive, ultra-powerful water blasts everytime you pull the trigger. But beware, your tank will be depleted insanely fast. 
  • Strategic Master Class - This is our official Spyra tournament mode. Your rate of fire is restricted, but keep the trigger pulled to release a PowerShot for superior range & impact.

Sorry, all prices are subject to change depending on availability and manufacturer increases.

Any questions about use or to place an order, please contact us -
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Phone: 480 955 9130

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Hand Held Water Gun

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