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  • ATI Omni Maxx Hybrid, AR15, 223/556, 2-Tone with Optic, One 60-Round Magazine, One 30 Round Magazine, M203 12-Inch Launcher and Fore Grip. Only one available.

    Comes with One 60-Round Magazine, One 30-Round Magazine, and Optic NOT shown in picture.


    Full Description and Specs:

    AR15 223 / 556 with M203 37mm Launcher, Fore Grip, and Optic.

    ATI Omni Maxx Hybrid, AR15, 223/556, 2-Tone with Optic, One 60-Round Magazine, One 30 Round Magazine, M203 12-Inch Launcher and Fore Grip.


    ATI Omni Maxx Hybrid 2-Tone, One 60 Round Magazine, One 30-Round Magazine, Optic, and Fore Grip.

    Note: Fore Grip is for using 37mm Launcher only.

    ATI Specs:

    American Tactical - Alpha-15 - Semi-Auto, Classic Rifle Pkg - .223/5.56 16" Barrel, 15" M-LOK, 60 Rd Mag, Red/Green Reflex Sight


    Classic Firearms Special Request Package. Yes, this ATI Alpha 15 AR rifle comes with a value enhancement package that we requested and boy do we think it is a winner. First for the rifle. This American Tactical: OMNI HYBRID MAXX Alpha 15 model features a fully-patented metal reinforced polymer upper and lower receiver group. The Omni Hybrid lower features a patented hammer and trigger pin retainment system, preventing movement from the hammer and trigger pin during firing. It also features ATIs patented over-molded metal insert, which reinforces the buffer tube housing and rear takedown pin. This allows for metal-on-metal contact with both the buffer tube as well as the rear takedown pin, thus increasing strength and durability from recoil and consistent firing. This Alpha-15 model also features a 16" black nitride barrel and a 15" M-Lok rail so you can attach all the accessories you need. This model ships complete with a 60 Rounds quad stacked Schmeisser magazine and reflex sight. Lightweight, Versatile, and Accurate the Alpha-15 will provide years of worry-free service at a price tag that won't break the bank. Click the "show more" tab for more info on the mag and optic.


    CALIBER: 5.56x45, 223 (556 NATO)

    ACTION: Semi Automatic

    BARREL LENGTH: 16 Inches


    Magazine: American Tactical partnered with German arms manufacturer Schmeisser to import and distribute the Schmeisser S60 60 round AR-15 magazine. Manufactured from glass-reinforced polymer, this patent-pending magazine features a unique follower system that allows for double the capacity of a standard AR-15 magazine without the bulkiness. Designed to shoot both .223 and 5.56, the Schmeisser S60 will give you an instant capacity upgrade over the standard AR mag at an affordable price. Gen 2 military/law enforcement edition. This mag functions great even at full capacity and maintains a profile about the same width as the externals of the magazine well. The rifle also comes standard in this package with a high-quality multi-setting red/green reticle setting reflex optic completing the package and making this one heck of a deal. Put this all together and frankly, this may be the best deal in the industry.  

    Optic Features:

    •Aircraft grade aluminum body to withstand constant heavy recoil
    •Shock-resistant housing
    •Coated lens provides superior light transmission, resolution, and scratch resistance
    •Dual-illuminated (red/green) reticles with adjustable rheostat for brightness control 
    •4 different reticle patterns provide variety for any target type
    •Integrated Picatinny/Weaver mounting system
    •Unlimited eye relief for quick target acquisition
    1x magnification•24x34 objective aperture
    1 Minute of angle adjustment (approx. 1” at 100 yards, or ¼” at 25 yards)
    3 Minute of angle dot (3” at 100 yards)
    Uses CR2032 type battery


    Fore Grip: Added, Black Rugger, Heavy Duty.


    Tac-D 37mm 12-Inch, M203 Military Under Barrel Launcher.


    Picatinny Bottom Rail.


    Extra 30-Round AR15 Magazine.


    Serial Number added if buyer wants to add this as an NFA item and get a ATF Tax Stamp.


    Four (4) Sold.

    Only one left in stock.


    Note: Can be configured with a 9-Inch Launcher.



    1) Always check the Launcher Throat to make sure the ammo round fits.

    2) Never force any ammo round into the Launcher Tube.

    3) Alway make sure the Launcher closes before use.

    4) Most Launcher Ammo Rounds are made to Fire at a 45 Degree Angle.


    Configured and Built by JS Firearms Sales & Accessories, LLC Scottsdale Arizona.

    Call or Email to order yours today.

    Phone: 480 612 4799



    To place this order, please call 480 955 9130

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    ATI AR 556 Rifle with M203 37mm Launcher and Optic

    $1,102.00 Regular Price
    $1,085.00Sale Price
    • Yes, we can configure this using the 12-Inch or 9-Inch M203 37mm Launcher with any AR or AK Rifle of your choice.

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