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  • Arrow Dynamic Real Wood RPG-7 40mm Grenade Launcher

    $450.00 Plus S&H

    Please choose Type and Color.

    • ***Requires airsoft 40mm green gas grenades to operate (Grenades NOT included)***
    • RPG-7 is a widely-produced, portable, shoulder-launched , anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade weapons developed by the Soviet Union
    • Mock missile warhead does not launch, rather, "sprays BBs from the front (Remove the cap from the missile before firing)
    • Unscrew missile to insert grenade shell
    • Great for MilSim operations and cosplayers

    Arrow Dynamic RPG-7 40mm Grenade Launcher (Real Wood)

    The RPG is one of the most easily recognized shapes in the weapons world. The RPG is a relatively cheap shoulder mounted grenade launcher that is widely used in many countries around the world. They are featured in many video games and movies alike.

    The Arrow Dynamic RPG is a grenade launcher that works with standard shell grenades and its pressure activated. The grenade can be easily fit into the rocket by unscrewing the tip of the warhead. The opening on the top of the warhead also acts as a funnel to direct the stream of BBs.

    This RPG is great for milsim operations or large scale reenactments and being lifelike makes it feel like you're actually part of a military operation. The Arrow Dynamic RPG can also be a cool and unique addition for collectors.


    NO ATF or NFA Required.
    Legal, No Federal Approvals Neededd.

    Just buy, Shoot, and Have Fun.

    40mm Grenades and Acesories Sold Separately.


    1) Always check the Launcher Throat to make sure the ammo round fits.
    2) Never force any ammo round into the Launcher Tube.
    3) Alway make sure the Launcher closes before use.
    4) Most Launcher Ammo Rounds are made to Fire at a 45 Degree Angle.


    Limited Availability.
    This item may be out of stock, check website frequently.
    Limit One per Purchase.
    Ships to your home.
    No Federal License Required.
    Warning: Make sure your comply with all state and local laws where you reside before ordering. Any restrictions are buyer’s responsibility.
    Cannot Ship to a PO Box or Business Address.


    Sorry, all prices are subject to change depending on availability and manufacturer increases.

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    Arrow Dynamic Real Wood RPG-7 40mm Grenade Launcher

    $475.00 Regular Price
    $450.00Sale Price
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