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12 Gauge Exotic Shotgun G2 Research RIP Ammo

$50.00 Plus S&H

The last round you'll ever need. This round has been in development for over three years, this 0.725-inch diameter 303 grain all-brass precision CNC machined slug uses the company’s R.I.P. technology, which releases six trocars (metal petals) into the target for “instant devastation”  Upon reaching a target, the six trocars open, detach and spread through the target six-inches wide, delivering nine to 11 inches of penetration. The slug’s .70 caliber base continues forward for another five to six inches.

The true effective performance expansion range for the round ranges from zero to 10 yards. Beyond that range, slug will begin to yaw, which could potentially affect the correct strike angle for it to open as designed.

Boasting an average velocity of 1430 FPS–depending on the barrel leng

this new round isn’t meant to be fired in guns with rifling, compensators, chokes or modified barrel cylinders. The only type of barrel it can be safely used in is a smooth bore riot type shotgun barrel.

This 12 gauge round is very specific in its design and mission; that of a person defending his life and/or that of his family. The real question is how much value we put on put on our own life or that of those we are protecting, G2 marketing director Mike Nickerson said in a statement.
5 Rounds per Box

Use with extreme caution, high impact and penetration.

Sold Only in package of 5 rounds. 12 Gauge 2 3/4 inch Shotgun Shells.

No Minimum Order

Please read descriptions and recommendations carefully before using.

ALL Sales are final.

Seller assumes no responsibility for use.

These are fun but must be used with extreme caution.

Rounds can be fired from most 12 Gauge type shotguns.

Check the chamber capacity i.e. - Firearm needs to accespt 2 3/4 Inch 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells.

For Self Defense.

May be restricted where you live, check all local laws before ordering.

Greta for Law Enforcement.


This item may be out of stock, check website frequently.
No Quantity Limit on Purchases.
Ships to your home.
No Federal License Required.
Warning: Make sure your comply with all state and local laws where you reside before ordering. Any restrictions are buyer’s responsibility.
Hazardous Materials, Cannot Ship to a PO Box or Business Address.


Sorry, all prices are subject to change depending on availability and manufacturer increases.

Any questions about use or to place an order, please contact us -
Everything 37mm and Exotic
Phone: 480 955 9130
Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10:am to 5:00pm, Closed Sundays

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12 Gauge Exotic Shotgun G2 Research RIP Ammo

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